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Solar Powered Homes Are Becoming More Popular

By Dave Moore

In this day and age of ever growing efficiency, everyday folks are looking to capitalize on today’s current technology to save money in all areas of their budget. And since energy prices are getting steeper, and concerns of man-made pollution are on the rise, the choice to retrofit an existing home into a solar powered home is becoming more enticing to the average consumer.

Solar Power use for the everyday homeowner used to be limited to just heating the backyard swimming pool. But these days solar power technology has grown by leaps and bounds. You can now have your entire home be powered by solar energy, including (but not limited to) garden and walkway lights, water heater, interior lighting, attic fans, central air conditioner, and, of course, your swimming pool.

Although the solar powered car is becoming the most popular use for this alternative energy source, the steps to create a solar powered home are not to hard (when using a professional service) and well worth the investment. There are a number of solar power panels and solar power kits available on the market, but if you are interested in solar power to power any part of your house, your best bet is to look up “solar power” in your local phone book.

About the Author: Dave Moore is the operator of which is a website dedicated to informing the general public about the uses of Solar Power.


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